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In using social advertising we will start out by getting your brand and business exposed through Facebook.  As you may already know, Facebook has the largest amount of social media advertising.  This is mainly due to the fact that over a billion people use it throughout the course of a month.  Chances are if your customers use the internet then they use Facebook!  After learning more about your target audience we will determine what other social media outlets could be best utilized for your goals.


PreRoll is where we would take your existing digital commercial and put it in front of a video like other ads you may have seen before on popular video sharing websites like YouTube.  This would guarantee that a larger population of people watching videos on a website such as YouTube would see your commercial before watching the video they had intended to watch.  With this we would then be able to track how much traffic is brought to your website due to that one particular ad.


Our goal is to help you achieve digital marketing success by driving customers to your website and/or business.  We have digital marketing experts who will work with you to establish realistic budgets, goals, and strategies.  The value we provide will be evident after working with our accomplished team. Please contact us with any questions.

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