As you probably already know having a brand is an integral part to having a successful business.  Brand recognition comes in many forms, from having a Coke instead of off brand soda, to shopping at Walmart because they have the best deals.  Brand recognition affects our day to day lives in more ways than we even realize.  That’s why its vitally important that RECAP offers our services in this area. It is our desire to see your brand or logo shoot up through the ranks to where it becomes easily recognizable to your consumer base.  The reason why having a brand is so important is because it acts as a quickly recognized promise between you and your customers.  Everyone knows that Walmart promises to have the best deals…because that’s what their brand is entirely based upon.  Customers then know that if they need something for a low price, let’s say a sweater, they can go there.  However if the customer is looking for quality they may instead go to Macy’s because Macy’s brand is about promising quality, fashionable wear.

We also offer our assistance to you when starting or creating your particular brand.  It is our belief that if we work together we can help you find your ‘voice’.  We can assist you to find out the kind of tone you would like to set for your company and help keep you consistent.  Consistency is a big player on the field of branding.  It’s how people will pick your product out of a crowd.  If, say, your company offers fast, free shipping and consistently that’s what your customers get, then your brand and reputation gain an even greater following because people know what to expect.

In our fast paced society there is nothing more frustrating than wasted time.  This is exactly why when you need to buy groceries you run through a list of stores that sell groceries and not stores that sell clothing.  Brand recognition is what helps make these decisions quickly, and in today’s world quickness is often the difference between make or break.  In order to help you along with creating a brand here are a few things to look for (which we will be more than happy to help with!) while getting your brand in order:

  • Get a logo. This is a lot easier said than done in most cases.  Our creative staff is here to listen to what your business is about and what you are looking to express through the logo.  Once we have the logo the next step is making it available EVERYWHERE possible.
  • Write down your brand message. What do you wish to convey about your brand?  Everyone should know what this message is, especially any and all employees.
  • Expose your brand. Branding should become every part of the business–how someone answers the phones, what your employees and you wear while interacting with customers, how you end your emails, and absolutely anything and everything else! It’s hard being on the inside and catching every little detail which is why we are here to help bridge the gaps and see the things you might have passed over.
  • Give your company a theme that expresses your brand. This theme should be the meat and bones of your brand.  It has to relate to your consumer base as well.  For example if you are selling business cards to mom and pop stores your theme would have to relate to them and their culture.  With this in mind you probably wouldn’t have a Lamborghini with models draped over it on your website, that wouldn’t fit your theme.  Our staff here will work with you to develop this concept and make sure it reflects the core of your business model.
  • Create a tagline. Express an interesting, purposeful and brief statement that broadcasts the nature of your brand.
  • Create templates and standards for your brand and the materials you wish to market. Consistency is key here.  The logo you pick, the words you use to associate your brand, even the colors all have to remain the same!  Otherwise people will get confused as to who belongs with what brand.  This is why we are here!  We can help make that consistency smooth and easy.  We will pay attention to the fine details so no part of your brand gets lost along the way.
  • Be genuine. As is true with all things if you offer something but then don’t provide the expected outcome people will be upset and won’t use your services anymore.  Even in the days of the internet people still rely on word of mouth.  Think of any Amazon reviews you’ve read.  If there are a lot of bad reviews for a product people simply won’t buy it.

This is just a short list to give you a basic idea of the different components that go into making and marketing a brand.  Even though it’s a fairly short list you can see how much work and effort goes into all the different aspects of brand recognition.  It is our desire to help this process go as smooth and easy for you as possible.  If you have any further questions please contact us on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon we can.  Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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