PreRoll is a video form of advertising. You’ve likely seen this at the beginning of a YouTube video or from one on Facebook. These videos can be skipped most of the time after about 5 – 10 seconds… but that’s all it takes!

In that 5 – 10 seconds the video cookies the browser.  This means if you then go to that specific website within a certain amount of time (usually measured in days or weeks) then that video clip gets the credit for you going to the website. This is actually a great way to advertise because it gets you exposed to a large number of people very quickly. Your video or commercial gets played for the right audience before they watch the video that originally drew them in. They skip it and watch their video… but you already have them!

At RECAP Digital Marketing, we would take your video/commercial that already exists in digital format and use it as part of a PreRoll Campaign. We would then get it out on YouTube to show in front of your targeted audience thus increasing your website traffic!  If you have any further questions about PreRoll or anything else we offer please feel free to contact us through our contact page.

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