Sales Executives

Sales Executives (Nationwide)

The sales department is the heart of our business. Without an effective sales department, we would have no clients…

At RECAP Digital Marketing, management focuses on employees to make them feel valued and the employees focus on the clients and making them feel valued. As a company, our focus is on Reaching customers, Expanding client brand(s), and CAPturing client customers… this makes up RECAP and these things drive the company. If you want to be valued in a company and wish to help clients achieve their goals, keep reading:


  • Client focused
  • Attention to detail
  • Personable
  • Driven to succeed


  • High School Diploma / GED

A background in sales (specifically digital marketing) is preferred but NOT necessary – in fact, no sales experience is needed. Even if you know nothing about digital marketing, we can teach you. This position will require cold-calling and drop-in calls as well as client relations and being able to disseminate any and all information. This position is an independent contractor for RECAP Digital Marketing and is commission based with no cap. As a Sales Executive, you will report primarily to your Regional Sales Director and also to the Head of Strategy and the Head of Engineering from time to time – especially during training. This position must be performed with little supervision and must be self-motivated, organized and detail oriented. Each Sales Executive will be assigned an area/territory to work within under the discretion of the Regional Sales Director(s). This position also has advancement opportunities within the company.

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