Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that drives traffic to a business website. This is done by having and maintaining ads on search engines (such as Google or Bing). RECAP Digital Marketing works with the two biggest search engines on the internet, Google and Bing.

SEM is now used as paid activity specifically by using PPC (pay per click) and CPC (cost per click). SEM covers a multitude of items and we will discuss the ones that are relevant to your business. For example:

  • Display ads – these have a tendency to show up on the side of a site you are visiting. For instance, if you are on you might see an ad for something you were looking at on another website. Remarketing is part of display ads.
  • Text ads – these are ads that result in looking something up on a search engine. For example, if you go to and search for “lawn mowing services near me” you will get a results page that includes ads that will pertain to what you searched.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) – while PPC and CPC are very similar they aren’t exactly the same. PPC is more of an explanation – as an advertiser you Pay/Click on your ad. The CPC is determined when the ad is clicked. Ultimately PPC is an advertising approach used to drive traffic to your website, and eventually, transform them into customers. – CPC describes the data used to measure the success of online ads. CPC is based on a number of things including: Quality Score, budget, and ad rank. There are many others but those are the main ones. Here is a pretty good video by Google that helps explain PPC and CPC.
  • CPM – Cost Per Thousand impressions –While most ads are based on the PPC or CPC, there are some that are based on impressions.

We at RECAP Digital Marketing work with you, as a client, by helping you achieve your goals and by meeting your expectations. Our specialties are based in creating ads, strategizing with your team, keeping budgets on track, tracking website interactions, providing website analysis, and driving potential customers to your website and business.

Contact us to learn what we can do for you and how we can best serve you as part of your company’s team.

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